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CNN Host Destroys Fox News Virus Misinformation in Epic 6 Minute Rant -- and People Are So Here for It

CNN Host Destroys Fox News Virus Misinformation in Epic 6 Minute Rant -- and People Are So Here for It

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar has earned a reputation for her unflinching fact checks and willingness to challenge claims made by her interview subjects.

But in a recent segment, Keilar doesn't just take on the lies of one person—but of one of the most powerful news networks in television.

With critics lamenting a purported liberal bias in media, Fox News has long been considered the most viable option for conservative viewers. Fox has been criticized for years for its propensity to misrepresent actual events or to even lie all together, but in its gradual fealty to now-President Donald Trump since the 2016 campaign, Americans across the country have noticed a shift into complete misinformation.

Keilar called out that misinformation in a six minute takedown of Fox's false and potentially harmful coverage of the pandemic that's killed nearly 200 thousand Americans.

Watch below.

Brianna Keilar calls out Fox News guest's Covid-19

Keilar stated blankly that Fox News is one of the biggest peddlers in misinformation about the deadly virus.

"We have pointed out that millions go to Fox News for information, or should I say misinformation, and that includes the president. The biggest names on that network have helped politicize this pandemic ... If you only watched Fox News, you might think hydroxychloroquine is to [the virus] what Tylenol is to a headache, or that gathering in large crowds indoors without masks is safe, or that Democrats want schools and businesses to be closed forever."

While playing clips from Fox News coverage, Keilar emphasized the lies reported on the network regarding masks, which have been proven to slow the spread of the pandemic.

"That is just false. It's nonsense and it's dangerous. It's like telling people, 'Go ahead and smoke. It's actually healthy for you.' Researchers at Brigham Young University have compiled and read more than 115 scientific studies on [the virus] and there's consensus, broad consensus, that masks work ... Cloth masks can stop 90 percent or more of droplets carrying the virus from being dispersed."

Keilar ended the segment with:

"Misinformation is a virus unto itself. And Fox News is the vector."

People applauded her unequivocal rebuke of the network's misinformation.

Keilar is far from the only one disturbed by Fox's willingness to peddle falsehoods.