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GOP Congressional Candidate Thinks Biden's Top General Should Be Executed Live on C-Span
@patriottakes/Twitter // C-SPAN

Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, General Mark Milley, enraged conservatives earlier this year with his refute of the party's critical race theory hysteria, and for revelations that he reached out to his Chinese counterparts to assure the U.S. government was stable amid former President Donald Trump's smear campaign against the validity of American democracy.

Trump slammed Milley as treasonous. Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, without a shred of irony, accused Milley of working to overturn an election. Republican Senator Ronny Jackson of Alabama called on Milley to resign in a Senate hearing.

Now, a Republican candidate to represent Nevada's Third District in the U.S. House of Representatives, Noah Malgeri, has called for Milley's execution in an unhinged rant.

Watch below.

Malgeri said:

"He's an active duty soldier. Just convene a general court martial and forget a congressional hearing ... Try him for the crimes ... We need to get back to our patriotic, liberty-loving roots. What did they used to do to traitors if they were convicted by a court? They were executed. That's still the law in the United States of America. I think if he's guilty of it by a court martial and so forth, they should hang him on ... C-SPAN or something."

Social media users found Malgeri's diatribe immensely disturbing.

Some saw his comments as representative of the GOP's growing militancy, and warned against the rhetoric being normalized.

Malgeri continues to spew unhinged rants on his social media pages.