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Who Is Hosting SNL Tonight? 3/10/18

SNL is back tonight with a new show, and Sterling K. Brown will be hosting the show. The This Is Us actor will be joined by musical guest James Bay.

Tonight marks Brown's first time hosting SNL. In an interview with US Weekly recently, Brown said how honored he is to be hosting the gig. He admitted that he's been watching since he was a baby. The actor reveals that this is one of the "more surreal moments of my life."

And Brown isn't taking the job lightly. He's studying to prep for the gig. He tells Us Weekly, "I’m going to go back and re-watch a lot of documentaries on how the process goes. I have a few pitches of ideas that I think could possibly make their way into sketches, but I think the best thing to do is to step back. The cast, they’re trying to get their ideas on week in and week out, and you want to give them the space to see what they bring to you, and if you can like augment, or change, or add a little bit of your own personality to it, then I think that’s the perfect sort of synthesis of how to reach it."

Surprisingly, Brown says he doesn't expect to get nervous, as "performing makes him feel at home."

James Bay Is Performing

British singer James Bay will also be singing on the SNL stage for the first time. News Week reports that he'll likely perform "Pink Lemonade", from his forthcoming album Electric Light.

Bay released his single, "Hold Back the River", in 2014. The song was a huge hit and was certified platinum. Its release was followed by the release of his debut studio album Chaos and the Calm.

Bay was recently interviewed by iNews. He spoke a bit about how he removed his signature hat and cut his hair. "I like that people don’t immediately realize it’s me. And it’s true I have been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean recently. But also Bowie, so much Bowie, and LCD Soundsystem, Blondie, Lorde, Prince, Chance the Rapper, Drake. I suppose I didn’t pay too much attention to all this sort of music when I was the version of me that made the first album, but I do now.”

Be sure to tune into SNL tonight on NBC at 11:30pm ET/PT.