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RFK Jr. Thanked Elon Musk For His 'Service' In Bonkers Revolutionary War Comparison During Twitter Interview

RFK Jr. spoke with Elon Musk during a Twitter Spaces interview, saying 'Thank you for your service to our country, Elon.'

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; Elon Musk
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Ludovic Marin/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. engaged in a peculiar conversation with Elon Musk on Twitter Spaces, where he thanked Musk for his supposed "service" to the nation and compared him to American Revolutionary patriots who sacrificed their lives.

Kennedy Jr., who recently announced his intention to challenge President Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, utilized the platform to promote his campaign. The conversation, lasting over two hours, attracted around 64,000 listeners.

Kennedy Jr.'s discourse during the discussion was characterized by false claims and conspiracy theories. He commended Musk, a right-wing billionaire and owner of Twitter, suggesting that his purchase of the platform was a sacrifice for the country rather than a financial decision.

Kennedy Jr. said:

"Thank you for your service to our country, Elon."
"We lost between 25,000 and 70,000 people during the Revolution who died to give us our Constitution. And those people also put their livelihoods on the line, they put their property on the line, they put their financial status and their social status on the line for principles."
"I've watched you do the same thing."

Many have mocked Kennedy Jr. after news of his remarks went viral.

Kennedy Jr. later delved into a series of policy positions that seemed unlikely to resonate with the Democratic electorate.

One of his controversial stances involved opposing U.S. support for Ukraine, claiming that Ukrainians were as victimized by American policies as they were by the Russian invasion. Musk concurred, attributing the deaths on both sides of the conflict to the U.S.

Kennedy Jr. , along with other right-wing Twitter figures, also criticized the Democratic Party, alleging that it was controlled by an "elitist cabal of war-mongers" who influenced the "Deep State," a widely discredited conspiracy theory that claims a clandestine cabal of high-powered people exercise power over us all from within high levels of government, finance, and industry.

Kennedy Jr. also attempted to portray President Biden as seeking conflict with China, asserting that he had forbidden meetings with senior Chinese officials, despite evidence to the contrary.

Additionally, he expressed support for stringent security measures in schools, such as metal detectors and bag screeners, instead of pursuing gun control. He also blamed pharmaceutical companies for the rise in mass shootings, attributing it to the marketing of antidepressants.