President Donald Trump held a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on the eve of the state's crucial Democratic primary.

It wasn't a surprise that the crowd began cheering "Lock her up"—a phrase typically directed at Trump's 2016 opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—but this time the chants were directed at a different target.

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

Democratic presidential contenders are descending upon New Hampshire just ahead of the state's primary.

The candidates are tirelessly speaking with voters and holding campaign events, which has led to some interesting moments.

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images // @MichaelHillMI/Twitter

President Donald Trump is frequently described as a "counterpuncher," who retaliates against those who insult him with equal or greater force. But it turns out his response to a protester at his New Hampshire rally Thursday night was misdirected.

Trump insulting protesters is a sadly familiar sight, and Thursday night was no different. As the dissenters were being led out, Trump said of one of them:

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President Donald Trump gives remarks at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. (Photo by Cheriss May/NurPhoto)

Just last week, a Washington Post/ABC poll saw President Donald Trump's national approval rating reach the highest of his presidency. While that national approval rating has hovered in the mid-40s, a state-by-state examination of Trump's job approval indicates that winning the 270 electoral college votes needed to take the White House for another four years may be slipping out of reach.

The data comes from the online polling firm Civiqs, which found that ten crucial states Trump took in 2016. Among them are some of the most sought-after swing states in the union: Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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[DIGEST: MSNBC, NPR, CNN, NBC News, The New York Times, Politico]

As expected, billionaire businessman Donald Trump soared to an easy win in the New Hampshire GOP primary, the first primary of the 2016 presidential campaign. But with first place out of sight for the rest of the packed field, all eyes have been on who would take second. That honor went to Ohio governor John Kasich.

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