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Tucker Slammed for Bizarre Rant Comparing NY Governor to Cult Leader Jim Jones
Fox News

Far-right Fox News host and the most famous racist to lose Dancing with the Stars, Tucker Carlson, has been a constant peddler of disinformation regarding the virus that's killed over 650 thousand Americans, as well as the lifesaving vaccines proven safe and effective in protecting against it.

Carlson has falsely suggested to his millions of viewers that vaccines may kill them and that the government is covering up a supposed lack of effectiveness. He's said people who commit the crime of using fake vaccination cards are "decent, law-abiding Americans" while claiming those urging the public to get vaccinated are committing a "serious crime".

These are just some of the deadly lies that Carlson foists nightly upon millions of Americans unfortunate enough to consider him legitimate. At least one person attributed their unvaccinated father's COVID-19 death to devouring Carlson's conspiracy theories.

On Monday night, Carlson once again lambasted public officials for having the audacity to be concerned for their constituents' safety. This time, the target was New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who replaced former Governor Andrew Cuomo after he resigned in the wake of his sexual harassment scandal.

Pointing out that no one had elected Hochul to the position (she was elected to Lieutenant Governor and therefore elected to be in the gubernatorial line of succession), Carlson likened her to cult leader Jim Jones in a bizarre rant.

Watch below.

Carlson went on to argue that Christianity was being replaced in America by the "cult" of not wanting people to die in a pandemic:

"No one voted for her as governor. That seems odd for a politician, but it's typical for a faith leader. No one voted for Jim Jones either."

He continued:

"Yesterday, Kathy Hochul held her first sermon as the leader of the New York diocese of the Corona cult. Around her neck, she wore not a cross—that's yesterday's symbol—but instead a vaccination necklace. That necklace signified to the faithful gathered that Hochul is a descendant of the select priesthood of those who have taken full intravenous communion."

Of course, being vaccinated is not a "select priesthood," as the vaccines are free and widely available, nor has adherence to COVID precautions replaced Christianity. In fact, according to the Pope, the two go hand-in-hand.

Sadly, Carlson's hysterical nature constantly results in fields' worth of strawmen like this, but that hasn't stopped people from calling him out.

Carlson, who has voiced his support for those who tried to overthrow the peaceful transfer of the presidency, needed to be reminded how the transfer of power works.

Perhaps ignorance like this is why Fox argued in court that no "reasonable viewer" should take anything Carlson says seriously.