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Vivek Ramaswamy Mocked For Perfect Freudian Slip During Rant Defending Trump Against Prosecution

Vivek Ramaswamy tried to use his appearance outside Donald Trump's election interference trial to rail against a 'sham prosecution' but instead let out a Freudian slip for the ages.

Screenshot of Vivek Ramaswamy; Donald Trump
Fox News; Craig Ruttle/Pool/Getty Images

Biotech entrepreneur and former GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy was called out by the Biden administration after he tried to use his appearance outside former President Donald Trump's election interference trial to rail against a 'sham prosecution' but instead let out a painfully appropriate Freudian slip.

Speaking outside the downtown Manhattan courthouse where Trump's trial is being held, Ramaswamy seemed to refer to Trump as a "sham politician":

"May God bless our country. I pray for our future and let's pray for our country to be stronger on the other side of this disgusting sham politician—um, prosecution."

His remarks were later shared by the Biden administration's official campaign account.

You can see the post and hear what Ramaswamy said in the video below.

Ramaswamy's flub did not go unnoticed—and people were quick to mock him for saying what was really on his mind.

Stephen Colbert also addressed the Freudian slip on his show Tuesday night.

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Ramaswamy has repeatedly tried to appeal to Trump and his base.

Earlier this year while still in the running for the GOP nomination—he dropped out after placing fourth in the Iowa caucuses—Ramaswamy threatened to remove himself from Colorado’s Republican primary ballot in response to a ruling by Colorado's Supreme Court disqualifying Trump from the state's presidential ballot on the grounds that he committed an insurrection against the United States.

At the time, Ramaswamy said that Republicans who do not follow his lead are "complicit in this unconstitutional action" and called on them "to stand up with a spine" for the sake of "our country's future."

Despite positioning himself as an outsider aligned with Trump's "America First" agenda, Ramaswamy previously signaled he would not be contributing financially to Trump's ongoing presidential campaign.

Amid concerns in GOP circles about Trump's mounting legal bills, Ramaswamy downplayed concerns about Trump's financial situation—and said he would commit to a surrogate role rather than financial assistance.