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Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Biden Campaign Hilariously Compares Biden's March Campaign Schedule With Trump's—And Oof

The Biden-Harris HQ X account trolled Donald Trump with side by side photos contrasting their March campaign schedules.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Joe Biden Hilariously Trolls Trump After He Boasts About Winning His Own Golf Club's Tournaments

President Joe Biden sarcastically wishes Donald Trump 'congratulations' on 'quite the accomplishment' after Trump posted he won golf tournaments at his own golf club.

Joe Biden; Screenshot of Donald Trump

Joe Biden Trolls Trump With Brutal Reminder After Trump Addresses Claims He Forgot Melania's Name

After Donald Trump posted video explaining why he referred to "Mercedes" when talking about his wife Melania at CPAC, Joe Biden gave him a brutal reminder with video supercut.

Joe Biden; Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Joe Biden Hilariously Trolls Far Right Conspiracists After Chiefs Win The Super Bowl

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Joe Biden used a Dark Brandon meme on X to troll right-wing conspiracy theorists who posited that Democrats rigged it to enable a Taylor Swift endorsement.

Joe Biden

CNN Flash Poll Shows What SOTU Watchers Thought Of Biden's Speech—And Yep, That Tracks

A CNN flash poll of State of the Union watchers revealed strong support for Joe Biden's speech.

Stuart Stevens; Joe Biden

Former GOP Strategist Breaks Down Why Joe Biden 'Has Been A Great President'

Stuart Stevens, former strategist for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, penned a piece for The New Republic titled 'Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President.'

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Joe Biden Has Perfect 3-Word Response After Trump Says 'Blame Me' For Border Deal Collapse

After Donald Trump urged people to 'blame' him for the collapse of the bipartisan border deal, Joe Biden was happy to oblige.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Donald Trump Floats 'Cutting' Medicare And Medicaid—And Joe Biden Just Pounced

Joe Biden had a blunt four-word response after Donald Trump made clear on Fox that he is open to cutting Medicare and Social Security.

Naomi Biden; Screenshot of Jesse Watters

Hunter Biden's Daughter Lashes Out At Fox Host For 'Over The Line' Rant About Joe Biden

After Jesse Watters claimed Joe Biden wasn't a 'good father,' Naomi Biden took to X to slam Watters for 'crossing the line.'

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Joe Biden Claps Back At Trump's Claim That 'Both Sides' Wanted To Overturn Roe V. Wade With Blunt Fact-Check

After Donald Trump's statement on abortion in which he portrayed overturning Roe. v. Wade as a bipartisan popular position, Joe Biden fired back.

Screenshots of Joe Biden and Trump

Biden Masterfully Trolls Trump For Saying He Hopes Stock Market Crashes In 'Next 12 Months'

After Donald Trump said he hopes the stock market crashes 'in the next 12 months' because he doesn't want 'to be Herbert Hoover,' Biden had some sobering words for the former president.

Screenshot of Karla Jacinto; Screenshot of Katie Britt

Sex Trafficking Survivor Speaks Out After Katie Britt Falsely Uses Her Story Against Biden

CNN spoke with Karla Jacinto, the Mexican sex trafficking survivor at the center of the story Katie Britt used to implicate Joe Biden on immigration.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

New York Times Slammed Over Bonkers Headline Comparing Biden And Trump On Abortion

Many readers online slammed The New York Times after they portrayed Joe Biden and Donald Trump both as 'imperfect messengers' on the issue of abortion rights.

Screenshots of Eric Swalwell

Eric Swalwell Lists Top 10 Reasons GOP's Biden Impeachment 'Is Dead' In Mic Drop Rant

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Eric Swalwell counted down the top 10 reasons the GOP's impeachment of Joe Biden is dead, even declaring its time of death.

Joe Biden; Lauren Boebert

Joe Biden Hilariously Trolls Lauren Boebert In Her Own District For Voting Against Infrastructure Bill

As Joe Biden traveled to Lauren Boebert's Colorado district to announce hundreds of new jobs there, he criticized her in Biden fashion for opposing his infrastructure package.

William Barr; Donald Trump' John Kelly

Team Biden Trolls Trump With Brutal Thread Of All Former Trump Officials Who Now Oppose Him—And Hoo Boy

The Biden-Harris HQ X account shared an epic thread quoting former members of Donald Trump's administration who no longer support him, including Bill Barr, John Kelly and Mick Mulvaney.

Screenshots of Steve Bannon and Mike Johnson

Steve Bannon Melts Down After Mike Johnson Says Biden's Presidency Is 'God's Will'

After Speaker Mike Johnson admits that in his belief, Joe Biden's election is 'God's will', Steve Bannon flipped out on his podcast, calling Biden 'illegitimate.'

Joe Biden

RNC Slams Biden For Attending South Carolina Black Church—And It Backfired Big Time

The RNC was slammed after amplifying video of Joe Biden entering a South Carolina Black church to a rousing ovation, and somehow thinking it was a political hit.

Dan Patrick; Joe Biden

Texas Lt. Governor Suggests Removing Joe Biden From Ballot After Colorado Ruling

After the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Donald Trump is not eligible for the state's presidential ballot, Texas Lietenant Governor Dan Patrick suggested to Laura Ingraham that perhaps they should remove Joe Biden from theirs.

Screenshot of Susan Titus

Michigan Voter Perfectly Sums Trump Up In Blunt NSFW Clip

As Michigan voters went to the polls in the state's presidential primary, 80-year-old Biden voter Susan Titus had a blunt assessment of the former president.

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