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Joe Biden; Ron DeSantis

Joe Biden Savagely Trolls DeSantis After His Twitter Campaign Launch Kept Crashing Everyone's Phones

After Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign launch on Twitter Spaces kept crashing, Joe Biden tweeted out a campaign donation link saying 'This link works.'

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Joe Biden Just Used Trump's Own Words About Jan. 6 From His CNN Town Hall Against Him In Brutal New Ad

Joe Biden's campaign released a web video showing side by side footage of Trump saying Jan. 6 was full of 'love' during his townhall next to violent attack on the Capitol.

Fox News screenshot of James Comer; Donald Trump

Pro-Trump Rep. Accidentally Lets Slip The Real Reason For House GOP Biden Probe

Rep. James Comer admitted live on Fox News that the House GOP's Biden probe is really about helping Trump win against Biden in 2024.

Trump Lashes Out At Laura Ingraham Over Poll Number 'Hit Piece'—And Get Out The Popcorn

Trump Lashes Out At Laura Ingraham Over Poll Number 'Hit Piece'—And Get Out The Popcorn

After Laura Ingraham covered Trump's weakness against Biden in swing states, Trump lashed out claiming he polls better against Biden than 'DeSanctus.'

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Trolls Republicans With Thanksgiving 'Red Wave' Joke During Turkey Pardoning Ceremony

During the annual turkey pardoning ceremony, Biden mocked Republicans' midterm 'red wave' hopes with cranberry sauce joke.

Joe Biden; Twitter screenshot of audio of Ron Johnson's appearance on The Jay Weber Show

White House Uses GOP Senator's Own Words To Brutally Fact-Check Fox News Over Social Security 'False Claim'

The White House's Twitter account posted a clip of Ron Johnson calling Social Security a 'legal Ponzi scheme' to rebut Fox News' headline accusing Joe Biden of making a 'false claim' during his State of the Union.

Chris Christie; Donald Trump

Chris Christie Fires Back At Trump After 'Sloppy' Jab–But Twitter Isn't Having It

Chris Christie mocked Trump for losing to Biden after Trump ridiculed him on Truth Social as 'sloppy' and a 'failed former governor.'

Jesse Watters; Mike Pence

Fox News Hosts Say The Quiet Part Out Loud After Pence Is Found With Classified Documents Too

Hosts of 'The Five' complained 'now we have to show both sides' after classified documents are found at Mike Pence's home

Fox News screenshot of Karl Rove

Karl Rove Just Went On Fox News To Defend Biden Over Classified Documents Accusations

Karl Rove broke out a white board on Fox News to explain why government documents found at Penn Biden Center are not at all comparable to Trump's Mar-a-Lago documents scandal.

Newsmax screenshot of Eric Bolling and Ron DeSantis

Another Ron DeSantis Campaign Interview Just Totally Glitched—And He Got Mocked Hard

A day after his disastrous Twitter Spaces campaign launch, Ron DeSantis's Newsmax interview glitched as well.

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