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New York Times Slammed Over Bonkers Headline Comparing Biden And Trump On Abortion

Many readers online slammed The New York Times after they portrayed Joe Biden and Donald Trump both as 'imperfect messengers' on the issue of abortion rights.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Care Can't Wait Action, Curtis Means-Pool/Getty Images

The New York Times was slammed for an article comparing both Democratic President Joe Biden and former Republican President Donald Trump as "imperfect messengers" on abortion.

Abortion is a key issue in the presidential race that sees both candidates with diametrically opposed views on reproductive freedom going head to head once again in November.

The GOP has been relentlessly pushing to roll back reproductive rights while the Democrats have tirelessly fought for the right to body autonomy.

But while Donald Trump is flailing on the issue, trying to square his central role in overturning Roe v. Wade with the political reality that abortion bans are unpopular with the American people, President Joe Biden has been consistently and strongly supportive of reproductive rights, having pledged to restore Roe v. Wade if he is given the congressional majorities to pass it.

But despite the clear differences between the two candidates on the issue, the New York Times tried to compare them with a bizarre headline, calling the two presidential candidates "Imperfect Messengers" on the issue.

The headline read:

"Two Imperfect Messengers Take On Abortion"

It was followed by:

"Neither side of the abortion divide would probably design the exact candidate they have in 2024."

Social media users condemned the reputable newspaper for its bizarre attempt to "both-sides" the issue.

Users trolled the media outlet with equally ridiculous comparisons.

The jarring headline serves as yet another example of the media's failure to properly frame just how not normal, and how extreme, Donald Trump is as a candidate.