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CNN Flash Poll Shows What SOTU Watchers Thought Of Biden's Speech—And Yep, That Tracks

A CNN flash poll of State of the Union watchers revealed strong support for Joe Biden's speech.

Joe Biden
Shawn Thew/Pool/Getty Images

President Joe Biden's State of the Union address was well received by a solid majority of speech watchers, according to a flash poll conducted by CNN.

The poll found that 64% of those who watched the speech felt positively about Biden's speech.

Perhaps more significantly, 62% of those who watched the speech believe the President's policies will move the country in the right direction.

That's a jump from polling data prior to the speech, which showed only 45% of people surveyed felt that Biden's policies would move the country in the right direction.

Biden delivered a dynamic State of the Union address, highlighting key issues such as abortion rights, threats to democracy, and the economy.

Beyond domestic concerns, Biden delved into global affairs, focusing particularly on the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. He reaffirmed the United States' commitment to supporting Ukraine and unveiled initiatives to build a new port in Gaza. This strategic move aims to streamline the delivery of humanitarian aid to the distressed region grappling with the impact of war.

The speech took place just days after Biden and former President Donald Trump all but secured their parties' nominations, setting the stage for a potential rematch in November.

While Trump took to Truth Social to slam the speech, CNN's flash poll shows that most think otherwise—and that the speech provided a significant boost to Biden's popularity even as he continues to face attacks from the GOP.

Biden's speech has been characterized as the most fiery State of the Union address in years, particularly because he demonstrated his willingness to engage with Republicans while challenging their arguments.

The speech heavily emphasized populist themes, with a focus on raising tax rates for the wealthy and corporations, as well as reducing the cost of prescription medication, areas where Democrats believe they have strong public support.

Democrats are counting on these themes, along with expressing indignation over corporate greed and price gouging, to resonate with voters, especially in the face of ongoing concerns about the cost of living, which have impacted Biden's approval ratings.