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Eric Swalwell; Jim Jordan

Eric Swalwell Perfectly Shames Jim Jordan Over Hypocritical 'Subpoena Compliance' Demand

Eric Swalwell calls out Jim Jordan's hypocrisy for issuing subpoenas after defying them when Democrats were in control.

Screenshot of Kaitlan Collins and J.D. Vance

CNN's Kaitlan Collins Calls Out JD Vance's Blatant January 6th Double Standard—And The Hypocrisy Is Real

After Senator JD Vance told Kaitlan Collins he thought Columbia students who 'break in and vandalize a building should be prosecuted,' Collins exposed the double standard he holds for January 6th rioters.

Nancy Pelosi; Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Claps Back At Trump After His Creepy Claim During GOP Meeting

After Donald Trump made a bizarre claim about Nancy Pelosi during his meeting with the GOP House on Thursday, Christine Pelosi set the record straight once and for all.

Mitch McConnell; Donald Trump

Mitch McConnell Breaks With Trump Over Presidential Immunity—But People Aren't Having It

Senator Mitch McConnell seemed to mock Donald Trump's claim of absolute presidential immunity in a recent interview, but people are giving him zero credit for having the correct position considering his history.

Screenshot of Eric Bolling and Lara Trump

Lara Trump Claims Donald Trump 'Does Accept Election Results' In Bonkers Interview

Lara Trump went on Newsmax and gave an eye-opening response to Democrats' fear that Trump won't accept the results of the 2024 election.

Liz Cheney; Ronna McDaniel

Liz Cheney Hits Ronna McDaniel With Brutal Reality Check After McDaniel Says She 'Took One For The Team' As RNC Chair

After Ronna McDaniel tried to whitewash her complicity in Donald Trump's fake elector scheme, Liz Cheney hit her with a stark reality check about her actions as RNC chair.

Matt Gaetz; Donald Trump

Matt Gaetz Called Out For Proud Boys Reference As He Supported Trump At Courthouse

Matt Gaetz shared a photo of himself supporting Donald Trump at his Manhattan trial with a questionable reference to one of Trump's lines from a 2020 debate.

Liz Cheney; Donald Trump

Trump Fires Back At Liz Cheney's Claim He Was 'Depressed' With Bizarre Admission

Donald Trump clapped back at Liz Cheney on Truth Social, attempting to fact check her claim that he wasn't eating after he lost the 2020 election.

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