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Mike Pence Just Unveiled A Bizarre New Defense Of Trump's 'Actions And Words' On Jan. 6–And Yeah, Trump Is Totally Going To Use That

former Vice President Mike Pence, wearing a dark blue suit jacket, a light blue shirt, and a red, white, and blue striped tie
Fox News

During a recent interview on Fox News, former Vice President Mike Pence was back to making excuses for Trump's involvement in the January 6 insurrection attempt.

His excuse this time was a bit more out there than usual though—it's not illegal to take bad advice from lawyers.

Pence said:

"As I wrote in my book, the President’s actions and words on Jan. 6 were reckless. But I don’t know that it’s criminal to take bad advice from lawyers."

In addition to this patently false statement, Pence also said he hoped no charges would be brought against Trump for his actions.

"When it comes to the Justice Department’s decision about bringing charges in the future, I would hope that they would not bring charges against the former President."

You can view a clip of Pence's interview below:

Twitter users were incredulous.

A few commented on Pence's on-again-off-again relationship with protecting or denouncing Trump.

Twitter denizens weren't the only ones unimpressed by Pence's defense of Trump and dismissal of the January 6 Committee.

Virginia Congresswoman Elaine Luria, who has served on the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol—a.k.a. the January 6 committee—had a lot to say about Pence's waffling during an interview on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper.

Tapper asked Luria:

"There's also a comment that Mike Pence made, he attacked the partisan nature of the committee, blah, blah, blah. But the other thing that I thought was interesting is this is how he spins it."
"He said today, look, 'as I wrote in my book, I think the President's actions and words on January 6 were reckless, but I don't know that it's criminal to take bad advice from lawyers'."

She responded frankly:

"I'm actually kind of tired of Mike Pence trying to have it both ways. He really takes the limelight and likes to be portrayed as a hero because he did his job and followed the law."
"But at the same time, he goes back and tries to attack a committee that is bipartisan—really it's been one of the most bipartisan committees in the house in the way we've worked together and presented the evidence."

She continued:

"The facts are the facts and you know he has tried to discredit it in the public sphere. Many have tried to undermine the nature of the composition of the committee through the courts—and the courts have clearly rejected that."
"The truth is: we did our job as a congressional committee as for oversight and legislation. We've laid out the facts."
"We've painted a very clear picture for the American people of what led up to what happened on that day—it's spelled out in our report, the executive summary is out today."

Luria concluded:

"Later this week the full comprehensive report will be out, along with all of the testimony."
"In the executive summary, look at the witnesses we have in there, you know, 99% of them are Republicans who served in the Trump administration and many of them were appointed by Trump himself and confirmed by his Republican Senate."
"Those are the people who had the courage to come forward and speak and talk about the facts."

How history judges Pence and Trump remains to be seen.