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Dem Rep. Rips Trump As The '4th Branch Of Government' In Epic Anti-GOP Rant

Dem Rep. Rips Trump As The '4th Branch Of Government' In Epic Anti-GOP Rant

Liberals are cheering following a fiery speech by Maryland Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin in response to the GOP's continued opposition to inquiries into the January 6 insurrection.

The speech occurred during a meeting Wednesday of the House Judiciary Committee, on which Raskin serves.

When Republican Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie questioned the integrity of the January 6 committee by expounding on a conspiracy theory about January 6, Raskin snapped and went scorched earth on him and GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Refusing to yield back, Raskin called out GOP leaders for their hypocritical flip-flops on January 6 investigations in order to bow and scrape to former Republican President Donald Trump—whom he referred to as the GOP's "fourth branch of government."

Watch it below.

Raskin's ire was sparked by Massie's railing against the January 6 Committee by invoking a conspiracy theory about a former Marine and Arizona business owner who attended the January 6 insurrection, Ray Epps.

Members of the Trump cult believe Epps acted as a covert agent of the deep state at the Capitol to rile up Trump's supporters on January 6 and lead them into violence as an act of sabotage.

The theory is baseless and the most recent iteration of conservative rhetoric about the January 6 insurrection after previous claims Antifa and the FBI itself staged the insurrection failed to pan out.

Raskin had it with these theories, especially given8 the GOP originally called for the very investigation they've now spent the better part of a year castigating at Trump's behest.

Rehashing this history, Raskin unloaded on Massie with a bluntness rarely seen in Washington.

He said:

"After we went back and conveyed our agreement to the GOP proposal, it was vetoed by 'the fourth branch of government,' it was vetoed by the cult leader, Donald Trump, who said he wanted no investigation at all!"
"That’s your guy! Donald Trump, he said he wanted no investigation."
"And so, you pulled the plug on the investigation you originally advocated because Donald Trump didn’t want it."
"Let’s tell some truth! You’re talking about the truth? I’m giving you the truth! I’m giving you the facts about it!"

Raskin went on to drag the GOP's opposition as "temper tantrums."

"This is what you guys can’t stand. America listened to it because we had real congressional hearings, unlike what goes on here with temper tantrums and diatribes..."

He then challenged Massie and the GOP to bring in Epps for questioning if they genuinely believe he had a role in the insurrection.

"...[A]ll of these conspiracy theory allegations have been debunked up and down. Up and down! You think you’ve got something? Bring him in and talk to him or send us a letter. But why don’t you deal with the reality of the situation?"

Raskin's rage was palpable and it left people on Twitter cheering.

Raskin also pointed out the GOP's attacks against Epps are attacks against one of their own.

Raskin said:

"You don’t have many voters left, you might want to try to hang on to them without demonizing and vilifying your own people.”

It will be interesting to see in November whether the GOP strategy of eating its own works.