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Donald Trump

Trump Promises Wealthy Donors 'We're Going To Give You Tax Cuts' In Leaked Video

Donald Trump was recorded promising wealthy donors 'tax cuts' in leaked video from a fundraiser.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

MTG's Bizarre 'Accountability Coming' Post Hilariously Backfires

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was roasted after posting a pic of her at home with a caption pledging that 'accountability coming.'

John F. Kelly; Donald Trump

Trump's Former Chief Of Staff Rips Trump Supporters For Still Supporting Him In Epic Takedown

Donald Trump's former Chief of Staff John Kelly got candid about how he feels about the support Trump continues to command among the electorate.

CNN screenshot of Dana Bash and John Lauro

CNN Anchor Reacts to Trump Lawyer's Bizarre 'Peaceful' Transfer Of Power Claim

After Trump lawyer John Lauro claimed that the transfer of power from Trump to Biden was 'peaceful' on CNN, Dana Bash fact-checked him with a mocking laugh.

CNN screenshot of Anderson Cooper; CNN screenshot of Donald Trump

Anderson Cooper Gives Trump Brutal Reminder After Trump Rages About 'Filth And Decay' In D.C.

After being arraigned in Jack Smith's federal criminal investigation, Donald Trump raged about 'filth and decay' in Washington, D.C. and got a reminder about the city he left behind in January of 2021.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Uses Bible To Shoot Down Pastor Who Defended Putting LGBTQ+ People To Death

Ted Cruz took to Twitter to dispute Pastor Tom Ascol's claim that putting gay people to death is 'law' of 'God.'

Ron DeSantis

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ 'War on Woke' Is As Troubling As We Feared

The education and culture wars recently ignited by conservative golden boy Ron DeSantis.

Kellyanne Conway on Fox News

Kellyanne Conway Rips GOP Senators For Not Helping Herschel Walker In Georgia In Cringey Video

Kellyanne Conway calls out '49 Senators' for not going to Georgia to help Herschel Walker win the Georgia Senate runoff.

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