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Ingraham Mocks Kellyanne to Her Face for Not Admitting Trump's Dr. Oz Endorsement 'Was a Mistake'—and Things Got Awkward
Fox News

Trump may enjoy widespread approval within the Republican party, but even conservatives are divided about some of his endorsements and denouncements ahead of the 2022 midterms.

This is especially true in Pennsylvania. Trump initially endorsed PA Republican Sean Parnell last year, but Parnell's abrupt exit from the race this past November due to a domestic violence scandal left the race without a Trump-endorsed candidate.

That recently changed, when Trump announced that he was endorsing fellow reality television persona Dr. Mehmet Oz. The endorsement was met with immediate backlash, including from Parnell who tweeted that Oz was "the antithesis of everything that made Trump the best president of my lifetime."

Even far-right Fox News host and Trump devotee Laura Ingraham said the announcement was a "mistake" in a recent interview with Trump's former White House Counsellor, Kellyanne Conway, who is currently working on Pennsylvania state senate leader Jake Corman's gubernatorial campaign.

Things got awkward after Ingraham tried to coax Conway into weighing in on her old boss's endorsement.

Conway said:

"Here's what I think about it. I think it confused many Republicans and conservatives in Pennsylvania because they've seen Oz in his own words, on video. Against guns, for abortion, praising Hillary Clinton as one of the most brilliant women, smartest women he's ever met. ... Donald Trump won not because he was a celebrity like Dr. Oz. He won because he did the work."

After a rambling answer, Ingraham called Conway out:

"You wouldn't answer the question whether it was a mistake. I think it was a mistake to endorse Oz. I'll say it, I'm not afraid to say it: It was a mistake to endorse Oz."

Conway pushed back, insisting she wasn't "afraid" but Ingraham continued to rail against the endorsement.

The exchange got people talking on social media.

They chastised Conway for being "afraid" to say one critical remark about Trump.

Pennsylvania's primary elections will be held May 17.