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Trump Supporters Tried to Pay Tribute to Trump With 'Best President' Tweets and It Backfired in the Best Way

Pete Marovich - Pool/Getty Images

For months, former President Donald Trump refused to acknowledge the results of the 2020 presidential election, which saw him defeated by President Joe Biden.

Trump lied that widespread voter fraud orchestrated by Democrats delivered Biden a false victory—a lie that he broadcast to his millions of loyal followers, eroding their faith in the integrity of American elections.

Trump's attempt to secure a second term despite the will of the people was denied by dozens of courts, by state legislatures, and even Republican state officials.

It wasn't until his lies prompted a mob of pro-Trump extremists to attack the U.S. Capitol—killing at least five people—that Trump finally acknowledged "a new administration" would be taking over. By then, he'd already been booted from his favorite social media outlet, Twitter, for fear that he'd incite even more violence.

That didn't stop Trump's supporters on Twitter from heaping praise upon "the best President" of their lifetimes, whose average approval rating never rose above 50 percent.

The supporters commemorated Trump's imminent departure, and soon "Best President" began trending.

But this adoration for Trump was soon overpowered by critics sharing photos and praise for one of Trump's most prominent nemeses: former President Barack Obama.

Trump infamously cast racist aspersions on Obama's American citizenship, falsely claiming he was born in Kenya. For all four years of his presidency, Trump would blame Obama for everything from personal protective equipment shortages to the temperature inside the White House.

But unlike Obama, Trump was only granted one term by the American public.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were inaugurated at noon on January 20th.