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Donald Trump Jr. / President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden and a White House Easter bunny

Don Jr. Suggests Thunder And Lightning At White House Easter Egg Roll Was 'Sign From God'—And The Mockery Came Quick

Donald Trump Jr. posted on X that after the White House's 'blasphemy', thunder and lightning delaying the Easter egg roll must be divine intervention.

Screenshot of Donald Trump Jr. from his 'Triggered' podcast

Don Jr. Dragged After Claiming That Black Men Come Up To Him To Tell Him He's Their 'Hero'

Donald Trump Jr. claimed on a new episode of his 'Triggered' podcast that Black men all over the country have come up to him to tell him 'Hey man, you’re my hero.'

Eric Trump; Donald Trump

Eric Trump Instantly Fact-Checked After Calling Judge 'Heartless' Over Request To Attend Barron's Graduation

After Judge Juan Merchan refused to rule on Donald Trump's request to attend Barron's graduation, Donald Trump, Eric Trump and Don Jr. all falsely claimed the request was denied.

Donald Trump Jr.

Australian Official Rips 'Big Baby' Don Jr. After He Tries To Blame Government For Tour Cancellation

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil called out Trump Jr. in since-deleted tweets for his 'poor ticket sales' being the real culprit in his postponed speaking tour.

Donald Trump Jr.; Donald Trump

Don Jr. Tried To Rip DeSantis But Slammed His Dad Instead In Freudian Slip For The Ages

Don Jr. misread his teleprompter and insulted 'Trump' instead of Ron DeSantis on his 'Triggered' podcast.

Jenna Ellis; Donald Trump

Jenna Ellis Rips Christian Trump Supporters For Backing 'The Best Christian Ever' In Savage Takedown

Jenna Ellis called out the hypocrisy of Christian Trump supporters in a series of posts on X, formerly Twitter, for backing 'The Best Christian Ever.'

Donald Trump Jr.; Paul Pelosi

Don Jr. Slammed For Tasteless 'Paul Pelosi Halloween Costume' Meme

Donald Trump, Jr. drew backlash after posting a 'Paul Pelosi Halloween costume.'

RFK Jr.; Aaron Rodgers

RFK Jr. Says Aaron Rodgers Would Be A Good VP Pick Because Of The 'Rise Of AI'

In a bizarre Fox News interview, RFK Jr. defended having Aaron Rodgers on his VP shirtlist, saying he is 'battle tested' and is skeptical of authority.

Peter Doocy; President Joe Biden

Fox Reporter Touts New Poll Showing Biden Beating Trump—And The Host Was Not Having It

After Peter Doocy reported on the new Quinnipiac poll showing Joe Biden beating Donald Trump by 6 points, Ainsley Earhardt insisted 'that's an outlier, though, right?'

Eric Trump appears on a Fox News broadcast alongside 3 Fox News hosts. The lower third graphic reads "Eric Trump reacts to his father's indictment."

Eric Trump Claims People On Plane Hugged Him After Indictment–And Everyone Had The Same Response

Eric Trump tells Fox that fellow airline passengers were 'giving me hugs' after the indictment.

You-Know-Who Made It Official—And It’s Already A Trumpster Fire

You-Know-Who Made It Official—And It’s Already A Trumpster Fire

One-term Republican President Donald Trump announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination again in 2024, but the news has proven very divisive in the GOP.

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