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Dem Senator Perfectly Shames Don Jr. for Bonkers Meme of Armed Easter Bunnies

Dem Senator Perfectly Shames Don Jr. for Bonkers Meme of Armed Easter Bunnies
Alex Wong/Getty Images // Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

This past weekend, millions of Americans gathered to celebrate Easter, the Christian holiday marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Former President Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., marked the holiday with a bizarre post featuring Easter bunnies wielding assault rifles over the slogan "come and take it"—a favorite mantra of Second Amendment absolutists challenging the government to take their weapons.

Junior posted the meme on his Instagram account.

The post was a sad illustration of many conservatives' obsession with lethal weapons, using a symbol of purity and rebirth to promote juvenile aggression and insecurity.

It wasn't long before Junior's critics began calling him out, including Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

While Murphy acknowledged Junior was trolling in an effort to "own the libs," he said "it’s not a coincidence that violence in America - often off the wall, hair trigger violence - has skyrocketed since the Trumps came to dominate political debate in America."

It's true that while Trump was President, hate crimes rose 20 percent, according to the FBI. Cities that hosted Trump rallies saw stratospheric spikes in violence and crime. Over the course of Trump's presidency, the nation saw his supporters mail pipe bombs to his critics. It saw mass shooters echo his rhetoric on immigration. A mob of pro-Trump extremists stormed the U.S. Capitol in order to install him for another term against the will of the American people.

Murphy was calling out this firearm fixation as conducive to the violence the U.S. has constantly seen unfold in the wake of the Trump era, and people largely agreed.

Junior made the post on a weekend that saw three separate mass shootings in the United States.

Junior doesn't seem to care.