Chocolate Lovers Now Have One More Reason to Celebrate

Scientists have invented a fourth type of chocolate and it’s pretty in pink.

For the last 80 years chocolate lovers had three options: dark, milk, and white. But thanks to Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebout there is a fourth choice: ruby.

Described as “an intense sensorial delight” and “a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”, it’s distinctive natural pink color is turning heads and raising questions.

In their press release Barry Callebout assures that the color and flavor are completely natural.

Ruby chocolate (photo courtesy Barry Callebout)

Ruby chocolate is made from the Ruby cocoa bean; through a unique processing, Barry Callebaut unlocks the flavor and color tone naturally present in the Ruby bean. No berries or berry flavor is added. No color is added.

The beans come from Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast. But genetically they’re the same species of cacao plant that yields the chocolate we already know.

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