Ruby chocolate brightens the room up alongside its fellow chocolate brethren. (Courtesy Barry Callebaut)

For the last 80 years chocolate lovers had three options: dark, milk, and white. But thanks to Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebout there is a fourth choice: ruby.

Described as "an intense sensorial delight" and "a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness", it's distinctive natural pink color is turning heads and raising questions.

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[DIGEST: Science Alert, Forbes, NPR,]

In the future, the cleanest source of energy could come from a dirty byproduct of today’s nuclear power industry. Scientists at the University of Bristol have created a super-charged diamond battery from compressed radioactive carbon-14 extracted from nuclear waste.

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[DIGEST, June 4, 2015, Business Insider, Mashable] A recent Business Insider report discusses Google's new innovation: Project Soli. The company showed off new technology that lets users move their fingers in the air to control objects in the virtual world. This technology uses radar waves to detect precise finger movements or finger "micromotions." Soli provides an enticing example of a powerful motion controller that could change how we interact with the Internet of Things.

(Photo Credit: @diegoiag via Twitter)

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