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Rudy Giuliani Dragged After Claiming 'People Don't Die of This Disease Anymore' at Trump Campaign Event


President Donald Trump's response to the virus that's killed over 200 thousand Americans is largely defined by a pattern of minimization or outright dismissal of the threat it poses.

The President and his allies have repeatedly decried guidelines recommended by Trump's own officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They've pushed back against the use of masks to slow the spread and peddled misinformation about treatment for the virus.

The pattern of dismissal is continuing, most recently with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani at a campaign event for the President.

Watch below.

Giuliani said:

"People don't die of this disease any more. Young people don't die at all. Middle aged people die very little. And even elderly people only have one percent chance of dying."

Giuliani's false claims echo those of Donald Trump, who insisted last month that the virus "affects virtually nobody." While young people are less vulnerable to the disease than the elderly, they're by no means immune to the virus, as Giuliani would have the President's supporters believe.

People were quick to fact check Giuliani's lie.

The internet didn't hesitate to roast the former New York City mayor for the absurd claim.

The approval rating for Trump's handling of the virus is at 35 percent.