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Jake Tapper Claps Back After Ted Cruz Tried to Accuse CNN of Acting Like Virus Is 'Cured' After Biden Win

Jake Tapper Claps Back After Ted Cruz Tried to Accuse CNN of Acting Like Virus Is 'Cured' After Biden Win
Susan Walsh-Pool/Getty Images // Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

President Donald Trump and his Republican allies have frequently downplayed the virus that's killed over 230 thousand Americans, railing against public safety measures taken to slow the spread and repeating outright falsehoods about it as well.

All the while, Trump and his sphere have repeatedly demonized the media for supposedly overblowing the viral pathogen's impact, despite it upending every aspect of daily life in the United States for the past eight months.

In the weeks before Election Day, Trump vowed that the media would declare the virus over if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden defeated Trump. The implication was that journalists only covered the virus to make Trump look bad.

Sure enough—despite complaints from the Trump campaign—Biden has bested Trump in the Electoral College and is the nation's new President-elect.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), one of Trump's most loyal supporters, shared screenshots of CNN coverage before and after the election, thinking he'd caught the network red-handed.

The pre-election screenshot shows the virus death toll and a background that GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest called "doom and gloom." Cruz joked that the change was "miraculous" and that the virus was "cured."

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper was quick to shut the Senator down, submitting for the record all the virus coverage CNN did on November 9—the same day mentioned in the screenshot.

Tapper wasn't the only one fed up with Cruz's falsehoods.

Tapper wasn't the only one to fact-check the claim either.

President-elect Biden recently announced his virus response team. Meanwhile, multiple White House officials—including Trump's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Housing & Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson—have tested positive for the virus in yet another outbreak in Trump's inner circle.