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People Are Using That "Change My Mind" Meme To Hilariously Compare Musicals

Change our mind.

People Are Using That "Change My Mind" Meme To Hilariously Compare Musicals
Credit: faderjockey

Throughout the vast canon of musical theatre, it's easy to find some parallels between shows.

One Reddit user noticed the parallels between Oklahoma! and Grease. They used an iconic meme to announce this hot take.

We can see the similarities. Much of the action in both shows revolves around an upcoming social dance, the courtship between Curly and Laurey isn't far off from that of Danny and Sandy. Besides, isn't a surrey with the fringe on top the T-Bird of the early 20th century midwest?

Others seemed to think so.

But not everyone.

However Grease and Oklahoma! aren't the only ones with parallels. Here are some other "Change my mind" comparisons.

Leap of Faith is Just Music Man but Make it Gospel

A con artist drops into a small town with the intent of swindling its citizens using a warped sense of morality. In the process, he falls in love with a woman who seems his opposite. Is this The Music Man or Leap of Faith? Yes.

Kinky Boots is Just The Full Monty with Wigs

Both feature factories on the brink of foreclosure, which the characters revive through learning to love themselves by stepping out of their comfort zones, gaining a fierce sense of style along the way.

Memphis was Just Hairspray but Bad

Memphis may have won best musical in 2009, but it's yet to catch up to the cultural phenomenon that was Hairspray, which is interesting considering their similar plots. Both feature television dance shows and music magically fixes racism.

Disagree with any of our takes? Change our mind.