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After Donald Trump Announced He's Going to Mar a Lago for 16 Days, His Old Tweets Slamming Obama for Going on Vacation Just Came Back to Haunt Him

These did not age well.

After Donald Trump Announced He's Going to Mar a Lago for 16 Days, His Old Tweets Slamming Obama for Going on Vacation Just Came Back to Haunt Him
President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump plans to travel to his Palm Beach, Florida club, Mar-a-Lago, over the course of 16 days between December 21 and January 6 according to FAA flight alerts. The private members-only club charges a $200,000 membership fee plus $14,000 annually for a chance to hobnob with the President and perhaps gain an ambassadorship or other presidential favor.

The Trump Organization owns and profits from the club.

But as news of Trump's latest vacation away from Washington at one of his own businesses spread, people cried foul. Why?

Hypocrisy, because there is always a tweet. There are so many tweets of Trump calling out his own future behavior on Twitter that Reddit and other online resources track those tweets of hypocrisy.

On Reddit, the subReddit "Trump Criticizes Trump: A Portrait of Presidential Hypocrisy" exists just to call out the President's hypocritical tweets, and on the subject of vacations, there are many to flag.

Particularly when it comes to his criticism of President Obama. For example:

And one where Trump called out the expense of Obama's travel and how those funds could be used for the border.

Throughout President Barack Obama's two terms in office, Trump seemed to criticize any time Obama spent away from the office.

The criticism of Obama always being on vacation or playing golf—despite the fact he took fewer days away from the office than his predecessor President George W. Bush—became a popular meme and battle cry for conservatives as well as White supremacists looking for any excuse to criticize the United States first President of color.

Trump even capitalized on the lie of President Obama's excessive golf outings and vacations while he campaigned for President himself.

Trump promised he would play no golf nor take any vacations once elected because he would be "too busy" working and winning. According to The Washington Post, by August 2017 Trump was already on track to spend three times as many days as Obama on the golf course or vacationing at one of his own resorts—where the expenses are charged to taxpayers and profit the Trump Organization.

Yet that unfulfilled promise failed to draw conservative ire despite far exceeding anything President Obama did. However those not part of the "MAGA" crowd or who disembarked the "Trump train" will not let President Trump forget either his promise or his criticism of President Obama.

And they let President Trump know often about his perceived hypocrisy.

The exact dates Trump will be at his Palm Beach club have not been officially announced by the White House.