READ: Secret Service Tweets ‘It was an honor’ Along With an Image of Their ‘Final Timberwolf Departure Notification’

Simple yet moving.

In a time of sorrow, sometimes the simple gestures can be the most touching.

Such is the case for the United States Secret Service’s tribute to the man they protected for almost 40 years. On Friday, the Secret Service posted a simple memo to Twitter.

It read:

“From: USSS – Bush Protective Division

To: All personnel

Subject: Final Timberwolf Departure Notification @ 06:00 Hours

Timberwolf’s Detail concluded at 0600 hours December 7, 2018 with no incidents to report at George Bush Presidential Library – College Station, Texas. God speed former President George H.W. Bush – you will be missed by all of us.

– Bush Protective Division”

The Secret Service captioned the memo:

“It was an honor.”

On Friday morning, President Bush was laid to rest next to his beloved wife Barbara at his Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, Texas, on the campus of Texas A&M. Barbara Bush passed away in April of this year.

People were touched by the Secret Service’s farewell and simple tribute to President Bush.

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