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Actor John Schneider Denies Threatening Biden After Calling For Him To Be 'Publicly Hung'

The Secret Service has opened a probe into John Schneider, who posted on X that he believes Joe and Hunter Biden should be 'publicly hung.'

John Schneider; Job Biden
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Actor John Schneider is now the subject of a Secret Service probe after he called for the executions of President Joe Biden and the President's son Hunter in a social media post that he later deleted.

Writing on X, the social media network formerly known as Twitter, Schneider wrote the following:

"Mr. President, I believe you are guilty of treason, and should be publicly hung. Your son too. Your response is...?"
"Sincerely, John Schneider."

You can see his post below.

Screenshot of John Schneider's response to President Joe Biden's post@JoeBiden/X; @JohnSchneider/X

Schneider made his remarks in reply to a post from Biden that said former President Donald Trump "poses many threats to our country." Biden added that Trump poses "the greatest threat to American democracy," concluding:

"If we lose that, we lose everything."

Anonymous sources who spoke to reporters said that the Secret Service, which is above all responsible for the President's safety as well as that of their families, had opened an investigation into Schneider as a result.

Despite all of this, Schneider issued a strong denial, issuing the following statement:

"I absolutely did not call for an act of violence or threaten a U.S. President."
"It's my position, which I am entitled to have, that some of our nation's leaders in Washington have lost their way, and corruption runs rampant, both on our Nation's borders and abroad. Transparency and accountability must happen in order for our constitutional republic to survive."
"There is no threat implied or otherwise in that statement."

Schneider was harshly criticized and many called for his arrest.

Schneider is just one of many prominent Republicans who have backed an ongoing investigation into the Biden family's business dealings in the hopes a House inquiry will recommend impeaching the President, though Democrats have been firm that Biden has not committed any wrongdoing, nor have the Republicans produced any evidence of any.

Last year, Schneider was widely criticized after he complained that "woke Hollywood" did not help finance To Die For, his movie about a veteran "frustrated with the liberal left" and their disrespect for the American flag.

Speaking to Newsmax, Schneider said that he and his wife, filmmaker Alicia Allain—who died in February—went "all in" on financing the project, noting that if it "doesn’t work, we lose everything.”

At one point, choking up at an image of the film's poster that shows the lead character hoisting up the American flag, Schneider praised his own creation, saying "he won't let that flag touch the ground," a declaration that invited significant mockery.