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Trump Has Charged Secret Service More Than $40k Since Leaving Office According to New Report
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As President, Donald Trump wasn't exactly shy about using his office to funnel profits to the Trump Organization.

Trump saw controversy in 2019 after reports broke that, before running for office, Trump reached a deal with officials at the Glasgow Prestwick Airport to recommend Trump's nearby Turnberry Resort to Air Force officers stopping there to refuel. He also infamously proposed holding the G7 Summit at his Florida resort in 2020—a move that would have sent untold amounts of funds to his business to accommodate the attending world leaders.

It turns out Trump continues to profit from his office even after leaving it.

Expense documents reported by the Washington Post reveal that, since his first day as a private citizen, Trump has charged U.S. Secret Service members nearly $400 per night for space at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he lived until last month before moving to his New Jersey club for the Summer. These charges, reportedly for a workspace in the resort, have amounted to $40 thousand in the four months since Trump left office.

The Post reported:

"Former presidents get Secret Service protection for life. But last year The Washington Post spoke to historians and representatives for recent presidents and could not find another example of a president charging the Secret Service rent on this scale."

Given Trump's record, people weren't too surprised.

But they weren't excusing it.

The Trump Organization hasn't commented on the matter to the Post.