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Trump Just Used Jimmy Carter's Appearance At Rosalynn's Memorial To Go After Biden—Because Of Course He Did

In his victory speech in Iowa, Trump claimed Carter would be known as a 'brilliant' President compared to Biden.

Donald Trump; Jimmy Carter
C-SPAN/YouTube; Alex Brandon/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

As expected, former Republican President Donald Trump won the GOP presidential caucus in Iowa on Monday.

During his victory speech, Trump—who faces multiple criminal indictments and civil actions—invoked Democratic President Jimmy Carter to mock his 2020 (and presumptive 2024) presidential rival, Democrat Joe Biden.

In a speech before his supporters on Monday, Trump said:

"So I don’t want to be overly rough on the President, but I have to say that [Joe Biden] is the worst president that we’ve had in the history of our country. He’s destroying our country."
"My wife attended the funeral two months ago of Rosalynn Carter and it was beautiful and Jimmy Carter was there."
"And I thought to myself, 'Jimmy Carter is happy now because he will go down as being a brilliant President by comparison to Joe Biden'."
"He’ll be a brilliant President! He’s going to be known as brilliant by comparison."

You can see Trump's comments here:

People were offended by Trump linking the funeral of First Lady Rosalynn Carter to her husband's happiness.

As expected, Trump took top spot in Monday's Iowa GOP caucus where the second place finish was more hotly contested.

Results as of this writing are:

  • Donald Trump - 51% - 56,260 votes - 20 delegates
  • Ron DeSantis - 21.2% - 23,420 votes - 9 delegates
  • Nikki Haley - 19.1% - 21,085 votes - 8 delegates
  • Vivek Ramaswamy - 7.7% - 8,449 votes - 3 delegates
  • Ryan Binkley - 0.7% - 774 votes - 0 delegates
  • Asa Hutchinson - 0.2% - 191 votes - 0 delegates
  • Others - <0.1% - 84 votes - 0 delegates
  • Chris Christie - <0.1% - 35 votes - 0 delegates

Only 14 percent of Iowa's registered Republicans showed up on Monday—the lowest voter turnout in years. Iowa GOP officials blamed the weather for the low participation.