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Rep. Ilhan Omar Just Had the Perfect Response to Donald Trump's Latest Tweet Crying 'Presidential Harassment!'

After the release of the Mueller report, President Donald Trump took to his favorite form of communication to plead his case to the masses.

The President shared several videos as well as a strange two word tweet.

It said just:


Though it is unclear what Trump was referring to, someone featured in another Trump Twitter video had a perfect response to the cryptic tweet.

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota posted:

"No thanks, just lived through one!"

And Representative Omar was not the only one to interpret Trump's two word tweet.

Several raised issues with Trump's attacks on President Barack Obama.

Some saw a hidden message in Trump's tweet.

Others gave lists of who President Trump harassed.

President Trump found little sympathy on Twitter.

Many questions arose from the President's tweet.

As well as many comments on the topic.

President Trump often employs simplistic catchphrases and rhetoric for his base. Indeed, in addition to "lock her up," "build the wall" and "MAGA," many of Trump's ardent supporters immediately adopted his latest, tweeting about supposed presidential harassment.

So while most of Twitter scratches their heads over the tweet, the intended audience got the message loud and clear.