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Republican Congressman Slams Trump After Report That U.S. Forces Bombed Our Own Base in Syria as Turkish Forces Closed in

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Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger continued his criticism of President Donald Trump's decision to abandon Kurdish allies in Syria with a United States military withdrawal. Trump also gave Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the green light to begin an invasion of the area.

Kinzinger—a military veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan—shared a screenshot of a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article on Twitter with the caption:

"Wow. We bombed our own base on purpose, because of the impulsive decision by [Donald Trump] didn’t leave time to evacuate the right way. Is this the America you grew up believing in?"

The full WSJ screenshot can be seen here.


In the article excerpt, The Wall Street Journal reports US F-15E fighters carpet bombed a former joint operation location shared by the US military and their Kurdish allies. The Kurds had abandoned the base of operations and the invasion by Turkey pushed toward their location.

According to Kinzinger—who has the combat experience to back up any claims—Trump's decision to immediately begin the military withdrawal did not give US forces the necessary time to decommission or properly turn over joint operation locations to allies.

Trump found few defenders on Twitter—the President's favorite forum for communication.

Kinzinger was not alone in his criticism either.

People shared how the fallout from Trump's ill-advised decision played on an international stage. Russian media openly mocked the United States.

Some raised concerns over what exactly the United States left behind during the immediate withdrawal.

People again questioned who President Trump worked for and where his loyalties lie.

But others reminded Kinzinger who enabled Trump.

The President continues to receive pushback from his own party and former fervent supporters. However so far he shows no signs of changing his mind.

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