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‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Does Someone Die in Tonight’s Episode?

During the preview for tonight’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, viewers were given a glimpse of a sobbing Whitney and Barbara “Babs” Thore. The dramatics sparked after Whitney received a mysterious phone call, leaving many to speculate what tragedy could have befallen the Thore family. Amid still trying to wrap her head around the fact that Buddy may not return to Greensboro and getting mixed up in Buddy and Heather’s relationship, Whitney is forced to face another terrible reality.

Whitney took a moment to speak with Life & Style about the 11th episode of the fifth season, and her answers leave more questions than answers. When discussing the potential loss, Whitney remained coy and didn’t confirm whether someone had died. The preview, however, certainly made it sound like someone was lost, especially as Whitney is seen crying while saying “[t]hey didn’t get there fast enough.”

One possibility, considering how much the news upsets Babs, is that her pet pig, which she was recently forced to give up, dies. To some, it may seem overdramatic to be so upset over Mr. Pigglesworth’s passing, but Babs showed her attachment several episodes back when she had to say goodbye. Based on the r/MyBigFatFabulousLife Reddit, it’s a favored theory. In a thread started by user Scout_is_My_Dog, several individuals voiced their concerns for the pig, believing that to be the only logical answer.

In the Life & Style interview, Whitney further supports the theory that Mr. Pigglesworth has died in her statement:

"Well, [it’s someone] that the viewers have become attached to and someone that they really like is not going to be a part of our lives anymore unexpectedly. It was devastating and just super unexpected and we’re all okay we’re all making it through."

Life & Style author Emma Hernandez suggests that the bad news may be that Buddy reveals he won’t be moving back to Greensboro, but Bab’s reaction and the preview suggest a far more devastating reason. Another possibility includes an extended family member, but there has been little to no mention of any additional members of the Thore family.

As the show is known to do, viewers will likely get their answer at the end of the episode. Tune in at 8 pm on TLC to see what really happens to traumatize the Thore family.