my big fat fabulous life

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When it comes to season finales, My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s fifth season seemed just to fizzle out. For a season that dealt heavily with Buddy Bell’s cocaine addiction, his break-up with Heather Sykes, and continued pressure from Whitney’s parents to find a man and procreate, the finale was flat and anticlimactic.

The biggest revelation, if it can even be called that, came at the end when Whitney revealed that she and new roommate Tal Fish were discussing the possibility of adoption. With Whitney in her 30s and her old-fashioned father, Glenn, pressing for a grandchild, Whitney reveals her desire to avoid the typical rigamaroo of finding a suitor and simply adopt. Though the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star didn’t mention it, her weight would statistically put her at an increased risk during pregnancy, which further supports her idea of adopting a child with her level-headed friend, Tal.

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