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2016 Trump Voter Calls In to C-SPAN to Savagely Explain to Trump Spokeswoman Why She Won't Vote for Him Again


Throughout the 2016 campaign, President Donald Trump painted a bleak picture of the United States that only he could fix.

Citing his experience as a businessman and dismissing his antics as something that would cease once he felt the solemnity of the Oval Office, millions of people cast their votes for Donald Trump, clenching for him an electoral college victory and subsequently the presidency.

That was nearly four years ago, and with Trump's first term almost complete, some of his 2016 voters have come to regret casting their ballot for him.

On Sunday, one of these voters called in to C-SPAN to let GOP National Spokesperson Liz Harrington know that she wouldn't be voting for Trump again in 2020.

Watch below.

The caller, who went by Rosie Ann, said:

"I feel right now that this young lady, Elizabeth, isn't strong enough and knows enough to defend a Republican Party...I did vote for Mr. Trump and, afterwards, I regretted it. Because in the beginning, if she pays attention… he has done lots of mistakes."

Rosie Ann cited Trump's 2016 claim that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue without losing any supporters, as well as his administration's response to the pandemic that's killed over 170 thousand Americans.

Harrington responded by blaming China:

"The media's not giving the President a fair shake in [the pandemic] at all. We know this is a unique situation that happened with and we know who's to blame. It's a communist regime in China. They lied to the world, they covered it up, they're still hiding critical information about patient zero and how this got out."

The call gave some Trump critics a reason to hope for a Biden victory in 2020.

Others accused Harrington of lying about Trump's record.

Harrington assured the caller that the GOP would "set the record straight" at its convention, which continues tonight.