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Tucker Carlson Says Donald Trump's Insistence on Calling Coronavirus 'Chinese Virus' Is 'Trump at His Very Best'

Tucker Carlson Says Donald Trump's Insistence on Calling Coronavirus 'Chinese Virus' Is 'Trump at His Very Best'
Fox News

Little more than a week ago, far-right Fox New host Tucker Carlson made the rare move of diverting from the script tacitly assigned to him by President Donald Trump.

Carlson's primetime hour, normally dedicated to hailing the President is a mead-drinking beacon of masculinity and common sense, urged Americans to take the growing number of COVID-19 cases more seriously, even as Trump said it was no big deal.

Now that Trump has turned to racism, repeatedly referring to the virus as "Chinese Virus" instead of its actual name, Tucker Carlson can't stop praising him.

Watch below.

Carlson said:

"Today, NBC News sent a tweet suggesting the president's use of the phrase 'Chinese virus' was, quote, both inaccurate and harmful, in tying racist associations between the virus and those from China. Another statement written by morons in our news media. How is it inaccurate to call a virus from China 'Chinese?'"

There are more cases of COVID-19 outside of China than inside. Even in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, the last temporary hospital has been closed due to a lack of new patients.

Meanwhile, in America, hate crimes and harassment of Asian-Americans has seen an uptick since COVID-19 became everyday news.

China has condemned Trump's use of the phrase, but Trump still continues to employ it despite crucial ongoing trade talks with China.

After playing a clip of Trump dismissing questions about his deplorable new nickname, Carlson said:

"Good for him. That was Trump at his very best."

Trump must have been watching, because he's used the term in three of his tweets since Carlson's show.

People weren't surprised that Tucker, who frequently peddles racism and anti-democracy on his show to "own the libs," gleefully stood by Trump's childishness.

Some started taking a page from Trump's book and using another name for the virus.

The Trump administration has overseen an ongoing lack of testing that could result in a massive uptick of diagnosed cases in the United States, once testing is finally fully accessible.