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The respiratory virus that's ballooned into a global pandemic and brought daily life in the United States to a halt has carried another chilling side effect with it.

Because the virus originated in Wuhan, China, anti-Chinese hysteria has sprouted up across the country. These racist flames have only been stoked by President Donald Trump, whose insistence on calling it "Chinese virus" corresponded with an uptick in hate crimes and harassment of Asian Americans across the across the United States, regardless of their country of origin or ancestry.

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President Donald Trump and his administration's reaction to the global pandemic has been widely panned for its original dismissal of the virus's threat and the reluctance to use federal powers to assist afflicted states.

Trump responds to these criticisms by reminding people every chance he gets that he suspended travel from China—the epicenter of the virus at the time—on February 2.

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Fox News

Little more than a week ago, far-right Fox New host Tucker Carlson made the rare move of diverting from the script tacitly assigned to him by President Donald Trump.

Carlson's primetime hour, normally dedicated to hailing the President is a mead-drinking beacon of masculinity and common sense, urged Americans to take the growing number of COVID-19 cases more seriously, even as Trump said it was no big deal.

Now that Trump has turned to racism, repeatedly referring to the virus as "Chinese Virus" instead of its actual name, Tucker Carlson can't stop praising him.

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Facing widespread criticism for his administration's handling of the COVID-19 crisis, President Donald Trump is turning to racism in an effort to shirk responsibility for what many see as a failure of the White House to curb the spread of the pandemic, which now has thousands of confirmed cases in the United States.

Trump referred to the virus—which emerged from Wuhan, China—as the "Chinese Virus," rather than by its scientific name, COVID-19, or its less specific colloquial name, coronavirus.

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Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, came forward with some potentially shocking news regarding his wife and the growing spread of the novel coronavirus, which has spread through 14 states and infected nearly 100 thousand people worldwide.

Wozniak tweeted that his wife, Janet Hill, had contracted a bad cough on January 4 shortly after the pair returned from China. The first case of coronavirus was diagnosed in China on December 31 of last year.

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All too often, words seem insufficient to describe the latest scandal or atrocity from the administration of President Donald Trump.

That's usually when The New Yorker steps in.

Famous for its headline-free covers, illustrators have perfectly captured the administration's mob-like tendencies or the subservience of once respected Senators to Trump's every whim.

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Fox News // MSNBC

With cases in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and North America, the coronavirus continues to spread at an alarming rate. The first case of unknown origin recently arrived in the United States, with a domestic outbreak considered by some experts to be inevitable.

Despite President Donald Trump's attempts to dismiss the threats posed by the virus in an effort to preserve the stock market he loves to tout, Trump held a news conference on Wednesday evening with officials from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Vice President.

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