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President Donald Trump has boasted in the past of his multiple tariffs imposed on solar panels, washing machines, steel, aluminum, and more—referring to himself as a "Tariff Man."

Despite the financial burdens of tariffs falling on American consumers and citizens, he's indicated in the past a belief that tariffs are paid by the country on which they're imposed.

He's since imposed tariffs on billions of Chinese goods for use as bargaining chips in a trade deal that has yet to be finalized.

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Despite national outcry at his pressuring the Ukrainian President to investigate his political rival and former Vice President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump wasn't afraid to call on Chinese officials to investigate Biden as well. Trump urged officials to do so while speaking to reporters on the White House lawn.

When Americans across the country called him out, Trump's Republican allies assured them that Trump was only joking.

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As U.S. intelligence agencies determined and the Mueller Report confirmed, Russian agents attacked American elections in a "sweeping and systematic fashion" to help now-President Donald Trump and weaken his 2016 opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Now, the Republican-dominated Senate Intelligence Committee report is confirming the same. The committee—headed by Trump-supporting Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)—not only corroborated the findings of intelligence officials, but urged the White House to take action.

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Just a few months after using a mock movie trailer to remind Americans that a terrifying wave of overt white supremacy in the United States was "not a movie," Eleven Films has done it again—this time, highlighting the reality of President Donald Trump's corruption.

It's been 15 days since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced an impeachment inquiry into Trump for urging the Ukrainian President to investigate Trump's political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. Since then, the White House confirmed the allegations with a rough transcript of the damning phone call, a whistleblower complaint corroborated it, and Trump asked the Chinese to investigate Biden on national television.

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President Donald Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry for urging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden in a private phone call.

So, naturally, Trump urged Ukraine and China on Thursday to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, on national television.

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During the recent stock market dive, the Dow Jones Industrial Average bounced back slightly. Banks, investment firms and market analysts track fluctuations in financial markets to capture trends like weather, mergers and international relations.

In light of recent events, JP Morgan added a new market indicator: the Volfefe Index. It tracks how Twitter posts including false claims by President Donald Trump manipulate markets.

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President Donald Trump during a press conference in Biarritz, south-west France on August 26, 2019, on the third day of the annual G7 Summit. (Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

President  Donald Trump recently attended the G7 Summit with the leaders of the seven richest democracies: Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States. Trump's multiple trade wars were a topic of conversation, especially the trade war Trump began with China.

But the President had good news to share with the press at the G7. He told reporters:

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