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Trump Tried to Claim Victory in PA on Twitter and People Mocked Him With Their Own 'I Hereby Claim' Jokes

Trump Tried to Claim Victory in PA on Twitter and People Mocked Him With Their Own 'I Hereby Claim' Jokes
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

While the 2020 election may be proving more of a nail biter than most polls or people predicted, President Donald Trump's pathways to victory over Democratic nominee Joe Biden are rapidly shrinking.

Biden has already flipped the crucial swing states of Wisconsin and Michigan, opening the path for the former Vice President to reach the magic number of 270 electoral votes needed to secure the White House.

The most direct pathway is through Pennsylvania, which Biden doesn't need to win but Trump does if he has any hope of being granted a second term.

As expected, Pennsylvania saw an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots, but—unlike some other states—Pennsylvania law doesn't allow those ballots to begin processing until Election Day. Because Trump and his allies spent months smearing the 100+ year old institution of mail-in voting, these ballots are largely expected to be for Biden, while in-person votes are expected to lean in Trump's favor.

Because in-person votes are processed before mail-in votes, Trump is currently ahead in Pennsylvania by 200 thousand votes, but there are still nearly a million absentee votes yet to be counted, the majority of which are expected to go to Biden, potentially giving him the White House.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is falsely claiming it's won Pennsylvania.

Trump tweeted that the campaign was claiming victory in a number of swing states whose winners are still undetermined.

The President also said there were fraudulent votes cast, citing "dumped ballots," which he appears to be conflating with "ballot dumps," the term used by the media when counties report a batch of voting results.

American democracy would be much more fallible if we allowed candidates—especially incumbent Presidents—to declare victory for themselves, rather than the voters.

For that reason, people immediately began mocking Trump by "claiming" things of their own.

People didn't hesitate to roast Trump as they fact checked him.

The results in Pennsylvania likely won't be known until Friday at the earliest.