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CNN Fact-Checker Expertly Shuts Down Trump Campaign's Attempts to Claim Victory in Pennsylvania

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

In the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, Republican state legislators prevented efforts to lift its policy that mail-in ballots not begin to be processed until Election Day.

The pandemic has predictably led to an unprecedented surge in mail-in votes in the state, the majority of which are expected to go for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, thanks in large part to the Republican effort to sow mistrust in the age old voting method.

Meanwhile, in-person votes—which are processed and counted more quickly—have given Trump a lead that's largely believed to be temporary, with millions more ballots expected to be processed.

Trump needs the state of Pennsylvania to win, and he's repeatedly shown that he's willing to perpetuate misinformation and lies to do so.

To that end, the President, his son Eric, and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany all began falsely tweeting that Trump had won Pennsylvania.

With around a million mail-in ballots and Trump leading by only 303 thousand votes, Pennsylvania is still anyone's game.

Twitter rightly flagged the claims as false, and famous CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale was quick to rain on the victory parade.

People applauded Dale's no-nonsense reminder of the facts.

Dale wasn't the only one to call out the blatant falsehoods.

The race in Pennsylvania is not by any means over, and likely won't be known until Friday at the earliest.