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Armed Gunmen Storm Michigan Statehouse to Protest Lockdown Order, and It Looks Like Something Out of a Movie

Armed Gunmen Storm Michigan Statehouse to Protest Lockdown Order, and It Looks Like Something Out of a Movie
JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images

Michigan has been one of the states at the forefront of the growing divide between President Donald Trump's supporters and the advice of health experts.

Knowing the economy is a key talking point in favor of Trump's reelection, many of his supporters are demanding that governors who instituted stay-at-home orders reopen non-essential businesses designed to curb the spread of the virus in their states.

The pathogen has killed over 60 thousand Americans, but these supporters insist that the lockdown orders are more dangerous to Americans than any death toll.

They've expressed this opinion in Michigan by protesting against Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer—with whom Trump has picked fights on Twitter.

These demonstrations took the form of typical protests while also featuring conspiracy theories and idiotic dances. Thursday's protest in front of the Michigan State House, while bizarre, seemed no different than past protests.

The demonstration occurred as the Michigan state legislature debated an extension of Governor Whitmer's orders.

But rain continued to pour down and before long, protestors were heading toward the building, with guards checking their temperature as they entered.

Many of the protestors were armed.

That's when things began getting grim, as several of the demonstrators tried to bypass guards and enter the chamber to disrupt the session.

The aggression comes only two weeks after Trump expressed support for the demonstrators, urging them to "LIBERATE" Michigan—a continuation of his constant urging for governors to reopen their states.

The endangerment and chaos, to many, were a direct result of Trump's rhetoric.

People can only imagine what will happen in response to a Trump loss in the November election, if this is any indication.

Another glaring double standard stuck out to people...

The climate is getting increasingly hostile and Americans can't depend on the President to steady it.