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People Had the Perfect Response to Trump's Unhinged Tweets Offering Support for Anti-Lockdown Protesters

People Had the Perfect Response to Trump's Unhinged Tweets Offering Support for Anti-Lockdown Protesters
Alex Wong/Getty Images // @lil_pimpologist/Twitter

In case you haven't noticed, governors across the country have issued orders to stay at home in hopes of curbing the spread of the virus that's caused a national health crisis in United States.

These efforts have already yielded promising results, with death tolls falling under original estimates because more people are staying home.

Unfortunately, President Donald Trump has expressed an eagerness to scale back these measures in order to prop up the impacted economy—even if it means an otherwise avoidable loss of life.

Trump's sycophants on Fox News and other outlets—like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham—have echoed these sentiments.

Despite what the President has said in the past, the decision doesn't lie with him—it lies with the governors who implemented the orders in the first place.

As a result of the President's rhetoric, protestors took to the streets this week—flouting social distancing and stay at home orders—demanding governors reopen stores, schools, and non-essential businesses across the state.

Protestors demonstrated in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and other states, waving American flags, as well as Trump flags and confederate flags. Some of them reportedly blocked ambulances and hospitals.

The virus is highly contagious—surging from 58 deaths on March 14 to over 25,000 deaths by April 14—so large gatherings like this are downright dangerous not just to those in attendance, but to anyone those people come in contact with.

Nevertheless, the President appeared to support the idea behind the protests, tweeting to "LIBERATE" states from the expert-recommended stay at home measures.

Exhausted by a pattern of chaos, misinformation, and rage from this President, people began calling for the United States' liberation from him.

Calls to "liberate America" and "liberate the White House" soon began trending.

People were concerned that Trump's tweets—especially the one urging Virginians to "save" their Second Amendment—could be taken by some supporters as a call to incite violence, as Trump's rhetoric has done repeatedly.

There is, however, a sliver of good news: You can help us liberate the White House in November. Are you registered to vote?

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