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Twitter Hero Updates List of Presidents Using Only Emojis to Include Trump, and People Really Ran With It

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

When it comes to diversity, the presidents of the United States leave a lot to be desiredβ€”all presidents have been men and all but one have been white.

While a lack of diverse experiences in the Oval Office hasn't served the country well, it's made emoji representations of the 45 men in office easy to make.

A viral 2015 tweet highlighted this as Obama winded down his second term as President.

Flash forward to 2019, when Twitter user Nathaniel, who uses the handle @NewGopforUSA, remixed the presidential emojis in a reply to a tweet from current President Donald Trump.

The emoji used to represent Trump stood out.

Nathaniel used a clown to represent Trump, most likely because of his ceaseless stream of erratic tweets. Or maybe it was because of the 13,400+ false statements he's made. Or maybe it was because he urged a foreign leader to investigate his political rival. Or paid off a porn star to keep quiet about their affair. Or bragged about committing sexual assault. or edited an official weather map with permanent marker to paint a false forecast.

Whatever the reason, people still got in on the fun.

Some took aim at Trump's orange skin.

Others highlighted the President's propensity for complaining or whining.

The interpretations were endless.

Ironically, some of those chastised Nathaniel for his critical tweetβ€”in defense of the President whose Twitter screeds have become a mainstay of American politics.

After the tweet picked up steam, Nathaniel gave more information about his background.

Hopefully a different emoji will complete the tweet in 2021.