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Trump Asks ‘What’s Wrong’ with GA’s GOP Governor for Not Overturning Election and People Trolled Trump with Brutal Answers

Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images // Austin McAfee/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For the first time since 1992, the state of Georgia awarded its 16 electoral votes to a Democratic presidential candidate after President-elect Joe Biden beat incumbent Donald Trump in the state by around 13 thousand votes.

Steadfast in his refusal to acknowledge the reality that Biden defeated him, Trump has broadcast lies about widespread election fraud in Georgia to his millions of Twitter followers, frequently skewering Republican officials in the state like Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The Peach State's election systems implementation manager, Gabriel Starling, admonished Trump at a recent press conference for refusing to condemn death threats and promises of violence aimed toward Georgia election workers.

Nevertheless, Trump continues to berate the Governor as Trump's legal team works to overturn the results in Georgia and other swing states.

Georgia election officials verify signatures as ballots are received before separating the ballots from their signed envelopes in order to protect the secrecy of each person's vote.

What's more, Kemp doesn't have the legal authority to demand a signature audit, as the governor is prohibited from interfering in the state's elections. Kemp has called for Raffensperger to conduct a signature audit, however, but only a court can grant this clearance.

Trump asked his followers "What's wrong with this guy?" but he likely wasn't a fan of the answers he received.

But some of the President's supporters believe his lies.

The doubts Trump has sown regarding election integrity in Georgia may backfire on the Republican party. There are two Senate runoff races in the state. Republicans must win at least one to maintain control of the Senate.

Some pro-Trump figures are already calling for Georgia Republicans to sit out of the runoffs in protest of what they erroneously believe is election fraud.