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Video Of Iowa GOP Voters Putting Votes In A Paper Bag And Passing It Around Sparks Outrage

Video from the Iowa caucus in which people voted by stuffing pieces of paper into a paper bag caused people to call out the "voter integrity" crowd for hypocrisy.

Screenshots of Iowa Republicans stuffing votes into a paper bag

A video circulating on social media has ignited a heated discussion about the Iowa caucuses' voting process. In the viral clip, Iowa voters can be seen placing their caucus ballots into a Hy-Vee paper bag, carried around a sports hall by a voting official and passed around by caucusgoers.

The video, posted on X, formerly Twitter, generated controversy, and Jason Whitely, a senior reporter with WFAA, noted that voters "jotted their candidate on sheet of paper before they were all collected in a brown grocery bag."

You can see the video below.

The video highlights the unique nature of caucuses, particularly those organized by the GOP. Unlike primary or general elections, caucuses are thrown by state parties and are not bound by traditional voting rules, leading to a more informal process.

Despite the seemingly casual atmosphere depicted in the video, GOP caucuses are not without security measures. Prior to casting their votes, officials verify the identification and party registration of individuals. In Republican caucuses, individuals can even sign up to become party members on the day of the poll.

But it struck people as quite rich that the same people who cry "voter integrity!" seem perfectly ok with such a willy nilly handling of votes.

Former Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill called out the hypocrisy of the matter, noting that many Republican voters have complained about voter fraud:

"You have got to be kidding me. The party that screams voter fraud with NO evidence passes around a brown paper bag, collecting scribbled pieces of paper to decide most important contest in Presidential primary????"
"Lordy. These folks have no shame."

You can see her post below.

Many have also expressed their outrage over the video and condemned the hypocrisy of GOP caucus voters.

Former President Donald Trump's win in Iowa significantly narrows the field in the Republican primary race.

He enjoys a substantial 30-point lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who secured second place with 21 percent support. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley—who served as the Ambassador to the United Nations during Trump's presidency—claimed the third position with 19 percent support.

Trump's triumph in Iowa on Monday was in line with expectations, as pre-caucus polls consistently positioned him as the frontrunner in the state. The substantial margin of his victory reflected a notable improvement in his standing with Iowa's predominantly White, evangelical Republican electorate since the 2016 election, which he lost to Ted Cruz.