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Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis Just Flipped On Trump In Tearful Statement—And People Are Not Having It

After ex-Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty in the Georgia RICO case against Donald Trump with a tearful statement, people online were not exactly sympathetic.

Georgia Senator Colton Moore on the "War Room" podcast

GOP Lawmaker Warns He May 'Draw His Rifle' Over Georgia Trump Trial

Georgia State Senator Colton Moore raised the prospect of civil war, saying he didn't want to 'draw my rifle' if Fani Willis is allowed to continue to try Trump's case.

Geoff Duncan; Donald Trump

Georgia Witness Trolls Trump's Witness Tampering

Former Georgia Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan fired back at Donald Trump with a post trolling the former President after he posted on Truth Social that Duncan shouldn't testify against him.

CNN screenshot of Geoff Duncan; Donald Trump

Former GOP Official Likens Trump To 'Axe Murderer' In Brutal Takedown

Georgia's former Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan went off on Trump on CNN, saying he has the 'moral compass' of an 'axe murderer.'

Fox News screenshot of Jesse Watters discussing Donald Trump's mugshot

Fox News Host Fawns Over Trump's "Hard" Mugshot

The Fox New host admired how 'good' and 'hard' the former President looks in his mugshot after he surrended to authorities in Georgia over his plot to overturn the 2020 election.

Sean Hannity; Donald Trump

Hannity Challenges Trump on 'Election Fraud' Press Conference

After Donald Trump announced a press conference to present an 'irrefutable report' about election fraud in Georgia, Hannity advised against it on his radio show.

Lindsey Graham Had The Most Clueless Defense Of Trump Amid Latest Indictment—And It Totally Backfired

Lindsey Graham's Clueless Defense of Trump Falters

Lindsey Graham went on Hannity amid Donald Trump's Fulton County, Georgia RICO indictment to claim that Trump's fate should be decided 'at the ballot box,' and everyone had the same response.

Geoff Duncan; Donald Trump

Republican Likens Nominating Trump In 2024 To 'Peeing In Your Pants' In Blunt Clip

Former Georgia Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan went on CNN with a blunt warning for his fellow Republicans if they nominate Donald Trump for President again.

MSNBC screenshot of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's "Only Satisfaction" amid Trump's Latest Indictment

After 10 indictments were sent up by Fani Willis' Fulton County, Georgia grand jury, Hillary Clinton told Rachel Maddow what the 'only satisfaction' she feels amid Donald Trump's fourth indictment.

Newsmax screenshot of Alina Habba

Trump Aide Accidentally Tells The Truth About Trump With Freudian Slip For The Ages

In an attempt to defend Donald Trump in the wake of his latest indictment, spokesperson Alina Habba said on Newsmax that Trump 'doesn't do what's right' before correcting herself.

Donald Trump

Trump's Ironic Mugshot Blunder Mocked

Donald Trump posted on X, formerly Twitter, for the first time in years with an image of his mugshot with the ironic exclamation 'Never Surrender.'

Donald Trump

Trump's 2024 Support Poll: Bad News for Him

As Donald Trump's indictments pile up, a new AP poll finds Trump's favorability and general election support at surprisingly low levels.

CNN screenshot of Ty Cobb; Donald Trump

Ex-Trump Lawyer: Fraud Report Could Backfire in Trial

After Donald Trump promised a new 'election fraud' 'report' on Monday to refute Fani Willis' indictment, Ty Cobb said it could be used as 'evidence' against him.

Twitter screenshots of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald Trump

MTG Roasted After Trump Completely Ignores Her On The Tarmac At Campaign Rally

As Marjorie Taylor Greene waited for Trump to disembark from his plane after touching down in Columbus, Georgia, Trump made a beeline for supporters, ignoring her completely.

Drew Ferguson

Records Show Republican Georgia Congressman Voted Illegally Three Times In 2022

Voter registration records show Rep. Drew Ferguson, who represents Georgia's 3rd district in Congress, voted in a district different from where he is registered.

Brian Pritchard

Pro-Trump Georgia Republican Candidate Accused Of Voting Illegally Nine Times

Georgia House candidate Brian Pritchard was accused of voting illegally nine times between 2008 and 2011.

Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis Mocked After Hilariously Clueless Post Slamming MAGA Supporters

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis was met with mockery after she just seemed to realize that MAGA supporters have no 'basis in fact or reality.'

Kellyanne Conway on Fox News

Kellyanne Conway Rips GOP Senators For Not Helping Herschel Walker In Georgia In Cringey Video

Kellyanne Conway calls out '49 Senators' for not going to Georgia to help Herschel Walker win the Georgia Senate runoff.

MSNBC screenshot of Ari Melber and Drew Findling

Another Trump Lawyer Just Went On MSNBC To Defend Trump–And It Went As Well As You'd Expect

Trump defense lawyer Drew Findling appeared on MSNBC's The Beat but was no match for host Ari Melber.

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