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Trump Is Getting Roasted for Promoting a Poll Showing Biden Up by 10 Points as Somehow Good News for Him

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images // Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Given his abysmal response to the global pandemic that's killed over 100 thousand people and his continued pettiness in the face of national unrest, it shouldn't come as a surprise that President Donald Trump isn't doing well in polls for the upcoming 2020 Presidential election.

That result is the same in a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, which shows presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a 10 point lead over Trump nationally, with 53 percent of those surveyed saying they'd vote for Biden and 43 percent saying they'd vote for Trump.

According to the President—however—this is good news.

Trump falsely claimed that he's leading in all swing states, despite Biden leads in a majority of swing states. Biden is even deadlocked with Trump in southern states like Georgia and Ohio.

The President's boasts about polls that show him losing come at a time of unrest in the United States, with uprisings protesting the police murder of George Floyd, an unarmed Black Minnesotan. When protests hit the White House this past weekend, Trump hid in the underground Presidential bunker.

Let's also not forget that the country is still wrangling with a national health crisis.

It was clear where Trump's priorities were.

Enthusiasm is so high for Trump that he spent the weekend hiding from his own angry citizens.

The delusion is real.