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Ted Cruz Tried to Troll Someone on Twitter But Forgot to Crop Out His Own Search History

Ted Cruz Tried to Troll Someone on Twitter But Forgot to Crop Out His Own Search History
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Despite his career as a United States Senator, Republican Ted Cruz of Texas—like the former President he hopes to emulate—is never too busy for Twitter.

Cruz has found himself entrenched in Twitter spats with everyone from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to actor Seth Rogen.

But his latest attempt to troll one of his critics heavily backfired.

Responding to an unknown account lamenting that their anti-Cruz shirt had faded in the wash, Cruz screen shotted the tweet, quipping, "Probably made in China."

Unfortunately for Cruz, he—or whoever was tweeting for his account—forgot to crop out the Twitter search bar, which showed that he was searching his own name on Twitter to find tweets like the one he targeted in order to more efficiently troll his critics online.

The account, which only had 29 followers, mocked Cruz for the bungled screen shot.

Colin was far from the only one to dunk on Cruz for the social media faux pas.

This is far from Cruz's first Twitter gaffe.

The Senator was caught "liking" a GIF from a pornographic film (on September 11, no less) in 2017. When he quote tweeted a report from progressive journalist Ken Klippenstein earlier this year, Klippenstein changed his display name to "ted cruz liked a porn tweet," so the name would be prominently displayed on Cruz's Twitter timeline. Then there are the numerous times Cruz has found himself unequipped in a battle of wits with prominent Twitter accounts like The Daily Show.

People were stunned Cruz didn't have more urgent things to do than scour Twitter for mentions of his name.