‘Fortnite’ Season 4: Will Players Have Superpowers?

For the bulk of Fortnite’s third season of content, players have watched as the skies over Tilted Towers filled with meteors. In the days leading up to Epic Games’ announcement that season four was around the corner, those showers started to enter the atmosphere and strike the ground across the map. It’s all leading up … Continued

‘God of War’: Do the Blades of Chaos Return?

With the reveal of SIE Santa Monica’s God of War came the realization that the old Spartan warrior had ditched his staple weapons in favor of a mystical broadaxe. Five years have passed since Santa Monica Studio’s developed the polarizing God of War prequel, Ascension, and based on footage of Kratos’ Nordic adventure, it’s quite … Continued

‘God of War’: How Can Players Customize Kratos?

The God of War series has always been a linear one where gamers walked away with the same experience. The minimal customization came with deciding which of Kratos’ weapons to upgrade for more power and advanced attacks. With the Spartan’s descent into Norse mythology, the team at SIE Santa Monica opted to give gamers quite … Continued

‘Spider-Man’ PS4: Which Villains May Make an Appearance?

First revealed at E3 2016 during Sony’s press conference, developer Insomniac Games recently provided more details about the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man title. A release date of Sept. 7 was finally attached to the game, as well as additional story and gameplay details including light RPG progression, multiple unlockable costumes, and a photo-mode. The new round … Continued

‘Heroes of the Storm’: What Abilities Will Deckard Cain Have?

After finally succumbing to the evils of Diablo in Blizzard’s Diablo III, fans thought they saw the last of the Horadric scholar. For Heroes of the Storm, the arena-style game featuring characters across all of the developer’s franchises, Blizzard resurrected Deckard for one last fight against evil. Joining the extensive roster of more than 70 … Continued

What Devices Does ‘Fortnite Mobile’ Work On?

After Epic Games’ Fortnite was met with a cold response, the early access title underwent a rather big change to profit on the battle royale genre popularized by games like PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Since the introduction of the Battle Royale game mode, Fortnite experienced an explosive growth that has caused it to surpass Minecraft as the … Continued

‘Sea of Thieves’: Best Memes of Rare’s Pirate MMO

Thanks to sites like 9gag, video games and memes tend to go hand-in-hand. When Sea of Thieves first went into beta in January 2018, its mixed reception was a good sign that it would become the next video game meme phenomenon. After its launch, the creative minds of the internet did not disappoint. Developed by … Continued



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