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The term "Streisand effect" was coined in 2003 when the entertainment icon Barbra Streisand sued a photographer for taking an aerial photo of her home. The photo was one of 12,000 in the collection, and hardly anyone would have seen it had the publicity from the $50 million lawsuit not magnified it.

Hence, the Streisand effect describes when the attempt to hide something only ends up publicizing it more.

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The National Rifle Association partnered with Republican Senator from Texas Ted Cruz at the start of this year to spew false and alarmist claims about Democrats.

The NRA shared a video of Cruz on Twitter falsely claiming that Democrats wanted to "take your freedom" for wanting assault weapons regulated differently than 18th century muskets.

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After the mass shooting that took the lives of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Dick's Sporting Goods decided to stop all sales of assault style guns and accessories in their stores. After a mass shooting at one of their own stores that took the lives of 22 people, Walmart decided to remove video game displays it deems violent.

Fred Guttenberg—whose 14 year-old daughter Jaime was murdered at her high school in Parkland—let the billion dollar retail chain know what he thought of their decision.

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In an appearance on Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson and guest Dana Loesch of the National Rifle Association (NRA) resurrected footage from February 2018 to attack the victims of the mass murder at a Parkland, Florida high school.

Jordan Uhl of MoveOn.org shared the Fox News footage on Twitter after it aired, tagging several of the young gun violence prevention advocates that appeared in the clip.

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Credit: Kris Connor / Stringer via Getty Images, Fox News via @mmfa / Twitter

Fred Guttenberg, the father of slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Jaime Guttenberg, blasted Fox News host Peter Hegseth for encouraging viewers to stock up on AR-15s, the type of weapon used in the Parkland, Florida massacre last year.

“Such easy, loose rhetoric of the left,” Hegseth said Sunday. “If I own an AR-15, stocks of gun companies probably will go up after things like this. Responsible gun owners recognize their right to own rifles like that. You can use ‘weapons of war’ or ‘assault ban’ all you want.”

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Embattled Mississippi Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith is taking heat again during her campaign to retain her seat against Democratic challenger Mike Espy. This time over a resurfaced video from a National Rifle Association banquet she attended in 2013.

Senator Hyde-Smith was appointed to her position in April 2018 by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to fill the seat vacated by Senator Thad Cochran who resigned for health reasons. According to her official Senate page bio, Hyde-Smith is "a strong social conservative" with "a 100 percent pro-life rating." In the next sentence, it states:

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Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was among those murdered in Parkland, Florida in February, blasted President Donald Trump for instructing U.S. troops to treat rocks thrown by migrants inside Mexico as if they were bullets being fired from rifles.

The president on Thursday said that members of the caravan have been "viciously and violently" throwing rocks at Mexican soldiers and that the American troops Trump plans on stationing along the border will not tolerate rock-throwing.

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