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To some, HBO's hit show Veep—now approaching its series finale—is no longer funny. It's not that the show has declined; the writing is still daring as ever, the characters carry the same ineptitude, and star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as vice president turned president turned private citizen turned presidential candidate hasn't lost an ounce of the comedic genius she brings to every role.

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Screenshots from Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube, VeepWiki/YouTube
Veep star Timothy Simons has revealed that his character, Jonah Ryan, is based on a real-life politician. (Fear not, there are no season 7 spoilers here).

Ryan is a ne'er-do-well Congressman from New Hampshire who cost Selina Meyer the presidency when he botched a vote in the House after an election ending in an Electoral College tie.

His career began as a "liaison" between the vice president's office and the West Wing - an entirely pointless post he constantly tried to exploit to get girls and rub shoulders with Washington powerbrokers.

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President Donald Trump loomed large at last night's Primetime Emmy Awards, the target of more than one brutal joke, including a rather boisterous monologue by host Stephen Colbert.

The Americans has hotter spies than the Russia inquiry,” Colbert sang during his opening musical number alongside Emmy-nominated performers Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. "Even treason's better on TV."

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