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RNC Slams Biden For Attending South Carolina Black Church—And It Backfired Big Time

The RNC was slammed after amplifying video of Joe Biden entering a South Carolina Black church to a rousing ovation, and somehow thinking it was a political hit.

Joe Biden
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

On Sunday, January 28, Democratic President Joe Biden visited two Black congregations in South Carolina.

Accompanied by South Carolina Democratic Representative James Clyburn, Biden first spoke at the St. John Baptist Church in Columbia. He later gave remarks during a banquet at Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia.

In his remarks, President Biden praised Black churches as agents of change and spaces for spiritual empowerment.

In response to his visits, the Republican National Committee (RNC), decided to share a video of Biden's reception at St. John Baptist Church as though his entrance was anything to be criticized.

RNC Research posted to their X account:

"Biden shuffles into church about 15 minutes after the service started in Columbia, South Carolina"

The standing ovation Biden received—as well as his confident gait—didn't have the effect the RNC hoped for on X.

People gave them a quick reality check.

Many also questioned where the RNC's favorite candidate—former Republican President Donald Trump—spends his Sundays.

People noted things weren't going the RNC's way.

According to BET, as President Biden was leaving Brookland Baptist Church a woman yelled out:

"Hey Uncle Joe! Four more years."

Perhaps a clip of that could be the RNC's next post.