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Ron DeSantis Mocked For His Cringey Response To A Heckler During Campaign Event

On the campaign trail in Iowa this week, Ron DeSantis got heckled by someone in the audience of his event, and his response was painful to watch.

Ron DeSantis
Fox News

While many wonder how Donald Trump maintains top spot among Republican presidential candidates for 2024, others simply point to his opponents.

In a campaign speech in Iowa, former Republican wunderkind Ron DeSantis stumbled again. This time, the Florida GOP governor and presidential hopeful fell apart due to a heckler.

While giving a speech at the Fireside Grill on Sunday night, DeSantis was heckled loudly by a woman.

You can watch the moment here:

DeSantis was saying:

"We beat [Dr. Anthony] Fauci on COVID, we beat–we beat..."

A woman in the crowd yelled out:

"Then what happened? You have a sex offender going to school.”

In response, DeSantis said:

"Do you know what happened? What happened is we’re the number one rated state for education in the country."
"That’s what happened. We are number one ranked in the country."

From multiple sources, Florida's K-12 education doesn't even crack the top 10.

The list DeSantis referred to ranked Florida's universities—which DeSantis has been trying to defund and alter curriculum as he has K-12—number one, but ranked primary education in Florida as 14th.

DeSantis awkwardly added:

"Excuse me. I’m not finished. I’m doing my thing."

Unimpressed and undeterred, the unidentified woman continued to heckle DeSantis until he was reduced to yelling:

“Stop it”

People likened his response to that of a child and were equally unimpressed by his material.

DeSantis is trailing Donald Trump by almost 30% in state polls less than a month before the Iowa caucuses.