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Meghan McCain Tried To Slam 'Nepo-Baby' Hunter Biden—And It Backfired Hard

Meghan McCain got slammed online after trying to accuse Hunter Biden of being a 'nepo-baby scumbag.'

Meghan McCain; Hunter Biden
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images; Paul Morigi/Getty Images for World Food Program USA

Meghan McCain—former TV host and daughter of the late Republican Senator John McCain—tried to take a dig at Hunter Biden for being a "nepo-baby."

The hypocrisy came back to bite her spectacularly.

McCain was apparently upset President Joe Biden invited his son, Hunter, to the White House State Dinner that took place this weekend.

In her Daily Mailcolumn, McCain bashed both the President and Hunter, calling Hunter "America's disgraced First Son."

She titled the article:

"Mr. President—when will you realize that your nepo-baby scumbag son doesn’t deserve to be an honored guest at the People’s White House? You’re spitting in the faces of Americans who pay taxes and earn an honest living."

In the article, she claimed to "tell it like it is."

She wrote:

"[...] we're dealing with an elitist scumbag, the ultimate product of nepotism."

The backlash pointed out McCain is a product of extreme nepotism almost as soon as the article was published.

Twitter definitely didn't pull any punches in their critique.

Screenshot of tweet from @OhMyItsAlly: "Look, I'm not gonna defend Hunter Biden but MEGAN [sic] MCCAIN of all people calling some else a nepo baby? Come the whole f**k on..."

McCain responded to the criticism with an attempt at sarcasm before running away.

"Thank you all for getting my recent Daily Mail column trending and spending your day talking about me. I’m taking care of my babies and don’t have time to get into petty back and forths on Twitter. Xx"

McCain's escape attempt didn't stop the onslaught, though.

Hunter Biden certainly isn't a saint and many of his opportunities in life likely came about because of his father's political career.

But the same can absolutely be said of Meghan McCain and the Trump offspring.

Her hypocrisy is astounding and Twitter users just couldn't let that go.